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The Moon And The Zodiac - Everything You Need To Know!

Lunar Transits Through The Zodiac

Within a lunar month (the time from one New Moon to the next) the Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs, staying in each one for around 2-2.5 days. 

It does not matter what your zodiac sign is, everyone is affected by both the New Moon and the Full Moon every month.

However, each sign of the zodiac has a differing influence, bringing with it different energies that emphasise different aspects of ourselves.

There are four different elements that the zodiac signs fall into.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

These signs bring passion and enthusiasm and are often thought to be impulsive signs.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

These are grounding signs bringing structure and stability.

Water Signs

Pisces, Cancer Scorpio

These signs are emotional signs, bringing intuitive and empathetic aspects to the fore.

Air Signs 

Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. 

These signs enjoy dreaming and visualising things, they are communicators.

Zodiac Signs: Full and New Moon Differences

As the sun and moon are aligned in the sky, each New Moon always falls in the same sign of the zodiac as the sun. 

When it is a Full Moon the moon is on the opposite side of the earth to the sun so Full Moons are always in the opposite sign to the current sun sign.

What are Cardinal, Fixed And Mutable Zodiac Signs?

The zodiac signs fall into three categories, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. 

Each season begins with a Cardinal sign followed by a Fixed sign and the season ends with a Mutable sign. 

The Cardinal signs initiate the season, the Fixed signs embody each season and the Mutable signs finish things off and prepare for the season ahead.

Cardinal Signs 

Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

These signs are leaders and begin things.

Fixed Signs 

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. 

These are signs that bring stability and maintain what is already in existence.

Mutable Signs 

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius Pisces

These are signs that bring about transition and change. They redirect the energy.

What are Moon, Sun and Rising Sun Signs?

Everyone has a moon sign, sun sign and rising sun sign. These three signs make up the foundations of your personality. Your moon sign indicates your inner self, your sun sign represents and best describes your emotional self and your rising sun sign represents how you see things and how other people see you. 

Your sun sign is the sign that the sun was in when you were born and your moon sign is the position of the moon at the time you were born. You will feel the Full Moon or New Moon energy more strongly when it is in your zodiac sign.

Most people know their sun sign but not everyone knows their moon sign. There are online calculators that can give you this information just by inputting your date, time and place of birth. Once you have found out your sun and moon sign here is a brief summary of what each says about you.

What your Moon Sign says about you

Your moon sign represents your inner self, your feelings, intuition and memories.

Aries - courageous and determined.

Taurus -  grounded and stable

Gemini -  practical, communicative and loves information.

Cancer - emotional and nurturing.

Leo - confident,creative and expressive

Virgo - organised and practical

Libra -  harmonious and balanced

Scorpio - emotional, deep and complex.

Sagittarius - fulfilled by knowledge, joyful and hopeful.

Capricorn - hardworking and organised

Aquarius - innovative and attentive

Pisces - empathetic, sensitive and compassionate

What your Sun Sign says about you

Your sun sign symbolises your emotions, strengths, attitude and understanding of things.

Aries - strong and impulsive

Taurus - logical and stable

Gemini - wild and fickle

Cancer - sensitive and loving

Leo - passionate and vain

Virgo - smart and sensible

Libra - ethereal and kind

Scorpio - brave and focussed

Sagittarius - cheerful and funny

Capricorn - caring and strong

Aquarius - giving and fun

Pisces - creative and dreamy

What does it mean when the New Moon and Full Moon are in each sign?

Here’s a super handy table for at a glance reference…

Zodiac Sign

New Moon 

Full Moon


This New Moon marks new beginnings. A time to act and start a fresh. It is the first New Moon of the astrological year. 

This Full Moon is the first Full Moon after Autumn Equinox so a time for reflection, looking back on intentions set and gaining clarity and taking action. 


A time to slow down and start to action your intentions. Do things that bring you pleasure and joy during this New Moon

This is an emotional Full Moon, a time to dig deep into your emotions - turn your negative emotions into positive ones. 


A busy New Moon is all about getting things done! It is a time to communicate and build lost relationships. 

If you have felt stuck in a rut this Full Moon will help you to look forwards. See what you need to release in order to move on. A time for looking forwards. 


A time for self care and putting yourself first. Listen to your emotions and act upon what they are telling you. Cancer season marks the second half of the year with Summer Solstice.

The first Full Moon following Winter Solstice, a guiding Full Moon which will enlighten your path and encourage you to move forward and plan ahead.


A New Moon to delve deep into your inner self - a time to be expressive and creative from what is within you. Have fun during this New Moon

A time to take power and control of your life, stand up and be seen and heard! It is a time to embrace your dreams into becoming a reality but also a time to be reflective and forgive. 


During this New Moon take care off your own well being. Do not allow your emotions to take over, get grounded, make a plan and stick to it. 

A time to delve deep into your life, this Full Moon will snap you back to reality and help you become grounded and focussed. 


Libra season brings Autumn Equinox. As the nights draw in dig deep into your inner thoughts and emotions, bring them to the forefront and act upon them when setting new intentions 

Think about balance during this Full Moon, what do you need to do more/less of to be emotionally balanced?


A time to show compassion, self love and kindness to yourself. A time to take down any barriers you have put up and begin to heal. 

This is a moon to accept yourself for what you are. Look at what you shy away from, do you need these things in your life? A time to release and move on with a positive mindset. 


The last New Moon of the year is a time to reflect and review things in your life. A time for new beginnings and change.

The last Full Moon before Summer Solstice so a time for completion and looking forward. Take control and release anything that no longer serves you. 


This New Moon is a time to focus on your long term goals. Take note of what your emotions are telling you as this could be the direction you are moving in for the new year ahead. Be clear and focussed. 

The first Full Moon after the Summer Solstice is a time to look towards your plans and dreams for the second half of the year. A time to be clear and organised in the path you want to move along. 


A quiet time for you to be reflective and get aligned with your emotions. Listen to what they are telling you and act upon them.

A time to make changes - what is no longer serving you? Make a break from these things in order to move forward with positivity.


The last sign of the Zodiac so a time for completion and moving on. Tune into your deepest emotions and move along with them, trust in what they are telling you. 

A time to find peace and build bridges. This can be an emotionally intense Full Moon. It is the last Full Moon before Autumn Equinox - think about what you have learnt over this last lunar period as you move into a new one. 

What Are The 12 Astrological Houses?

Everyone has an astrological birth chart, it is organised into twelve sections, each section is known as a House. Each of the 12 Houses rule a different part of your life.You can look more closely at how each New Moon and Full Moon may affect you by looking at which House they fall in.  For both the Full and New Moon you need to know your sun sign and for even more accuracy you also need to know your rising sun sign.

To find out your rising sun sign you just need to know your sun sign and time of birth - as with finding out your moon sign, there are many online calculators that will work this out for you.

Once you have your star and rising signs you can check which House the New/Full Moon is in each month for you. Again this information can easily be accessed online.

The New Moon in each of the 12 Houses

When thinking about intention setting during the New Moon you can begin to link some of your intentions according to which House the New Moon is in for you, you don't have to do this but if you do, over the year your intentions will cover every aspect of your life. 





Self Improvement and Self Development

This house is all about you! It could be a time to reinvent yourself?


Money and Possessions

Reflect on your finances and make any tweaks for the better.



Be confident to communicate your needs and wishes. It is also a favourable time to do something new. 


Home and Family.

This could be something as simple as indulging in some home comforts with your loved ones or something bigger like a house move. Think about what makes you feel safe and secure. 



Have fun and enjoy life. You may feel more bold than usual. 


Work and Health Routines.

Do you need to create some new healthy habits? Have you got a good work life balance or do you need to spend some time reflecting on this and amending it?


Love and Relationships. 

This is a good time to mend broken relationships or start new ones. If you are in a happy relationship, think about how you can further strengthen your connections. 



A time for empowerment and focus on any issues of intimacy. 


Travel and Adventures. 

Expand your mind and broaden your horizons. 


Career and Reputation

Can you help others through your work? It is a good time to expand or start a new venture. 


Friends and Social Life

A time when new friendships could blossom. A time to network and make new contacts This is a powerful house where your wishing powers are supercharged - so think carefully!


Secret and your private self.

A time to retreat, meditate and enjoy your inner peace. A time to think about the last 12 months and what you want for the year ahead. 

The Full Moon in each of the 12 Houses

The Full Moon is a time to reflect on your intentions set at the New Moon and to release things that are no longer serving you. 

Knowing what house the Full Moon is in can act as a guide to what needs releasing. 

As with the New Moon, once you have found your rising sign and you know what sign the Full Moon is in, you can work out which House that is for you. 





Personal and professional Life

A time to focus on yourself, show yourself some self care and love. Accept the help and do more of what you enjoy.


Finances and Security.

A time to focus on your finances.


Feelings and relationships. 

Communication is key. Find a balance between doing things for others whilst taking care of yourself. 



Find a balance between your work life and family life. Take time to strengthen family relationships. A time to prioritise. 


Creativity and Self Expression

A time to enjoy some creativity, self expression and fun both on your own and with loved ones. 


Daily Life

Are there habits that need to be broken in order to live a healthy, fulfilled life? 


Love Life

Emotions run high in your love life. Invest some time and energy into your relationships, strike a balance between your needs and those of others. 


Finance and Relationships

Focus on your finances paying off or finalising some bills while also focussing on your intimate relationships. A time for give and take.


Be Brave!

Now is the time to look at the big picture, a time to get away or make a change. Be open to new ideas and confident to take a leap of faith. 



Now could be the time to shine at work, your hard work will pay off. Take care though and reflect on if  your workload is impacting negatively on your home life?


Friendships and Pleasure

Now is a time to strengthen friendships, widen your friends circle or put right any fallouts. Think about what brings you pleasure with your friends and do more of what you enjoy. 


Time Out!

Take some time out. Focus on what is draining you and do not feel guilty about slowing down and refocusing. 

Watch out for our regular insights that go into much more specific detail into each Full Moon and New Moon we are transitioning into throughout the year. 


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