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How To Attune to the moon

What does it mean to ‘Attune to the Moon’ and how can your Moon Calendar help?

In an ever changing world full of uncertainty, challenges and transformation, finding a way to be still, grounded and connected to something larger than yourself - something timeless and enduring - can be empowering, energising and the source of great joy and contentment.

All suffering and uncertainty holds the possibility of deep spiritual growth - if we know how to approach it. Thankfully, the wisdom of our ancestors is still very much available to us to help us with just this.

It’s in the stars, the wind and the trees - their inspiration and their teachers are all around us. Humans have known, felt and mapped these connections for millennia. It is only our modern world that has forgotten them.

There is no separation between you and the entire cosmos for you are a way for the universe to know itself. Our ego-minds create separation but in truth it is only an illusion - an important and necessary illusion so that the one can know itself through the many.

But inside each and everyone one of us is pure consciousness - pure loving awareness. The part in us that simply is and always will be.

To find it, ask yourself this question: “What am I more? The voice in my head or the awareness that hears it?”

We identify with the voice but we are the loving awareness.

Life is then an endless game of hide and seek with our own true nature and our battles and entanglement with our ego-minds, the traumas it stores the memories of in order to keep us safe, even at the cost of maintaining limiting beliefs, blocks and restrictions.

However, over countless years, our ancestors mapped the heavens and the human soul, the land, the sea, the air; the mind, the heart and the life force in all things.

It is to these teachings that we can turn to help us to remember who we truly are, where we have come from and the nature of the Great Mystery that we find ourselves a part of.

The Moon is a doorway to discovering more about the Great Mystery and ourselves.

moon book on how to attune to the moon with candles flowers and a sheep's skull

Becoming ‘Attuned to the Moon’ simply means living with mindfulness, rhythm and reflection.

She shows us how and when to reflect, what to reflect on and for how long. She encourages us to set intentions and let go of our limitations.

Attuning to the Moon means reflecting on different aspects of your life at different times, in relation to the phases of the Moon, the energy offered during each phase and the energies of the different Zodiac signs that colour the Moon’s energy as she passes through them. 

Every 28 days the Moon travels around the earth from the New Moon, to the Full Moon and back to the New Moon again. Every living thing is affected by the Moon’s cycle including our mind and body. 

Becoming attuned to the Moon’s cycles and harnessing the different energies of the Moon will help you to feel more grounded and intune with your body's natural patterns. The Moon can therefore help to direct you in your day-to-day life as an ever present guide and reminder of the larger wheel of time that you’re a part of. 

‘Attuning to the Moon’ can help you become tuned into the natural ebb and flow of your energies. 

Each phase of the lunar cycle brings with it different energies. 

The New Moon is a time to slow down and begin to prepare for a new cycle - a time to write and set new intentions for what we hope to achieve and look forward to during the new cycle. 

The Waxing Moon phase is a time to be getting things done and working on our intentions.

The Full Moon is then a time for completion and tying up any loose ends before spending time during the Waning Moon phase reviewing and reflecting in preparation for the lunar cycle to begin again. 

attune to the moon drawing with pictures of moons with faces around the full moon

How to get started…

You can use the Moon Calendar to see which of the Moon's phases we are in throughout the year. Sign up to our monthly insights and keep an eye on our blog posts, all of which will help you to attune to the Moon every step of the way throughout the year! 

And of course, you can explore our blog where we’ve prepared as much amazing Moon insights as we can.

Below is an overview of all the information you can find here on the website to help you to tune into the lunar cycle, learn to live in harmony with the heavens and develop a deep and enriching connection with the world around you.

What you need to know to start your lunar journey…

The 8 Moon Phases

During each lunar month there are eight key moon phases. Each phase is like a checkpoint to keep us on track during our journey. Each phase helps us to focus on the ebb and flow of energy, from the high energy during a Full Moon to the waxing and waning energies throughout the cycle. 


By working alongside this cosmic energy we can become more attuned to the Moon and our own inner emotions and connections. The link below will look in more detail at intention setting and reflection during each of the moons phases to help you to become more in tune to cyclical living. 


Hayley the creator of moon phase studios who draws the moon phase calendar

Your Moon Calendar highlights each of the phases throughout the year, making it easy to keep track of where we are in the lunar cycle. 

The link below goes into much more detail on each different phase of the moon and reflection prompts on how to fully harness the energies of the moon at different points in its cycle.

Using the table below you can see at a glance what each of the Moon's phases signify and in brief what you can take as inspiration to reflect upon.

new moon

New Moon


New beginnings and fresh starts, a time to attract all things positive.

Reflection prompt

What do I want to change in my life to move forward on a positive journey?

Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Crescent Moon


Intention and preparation to achieve your goals.

Reflection prompt

Do I have all the tools I need (physically or mentally) to support me in achieving my goals? 

Waxing First Quarter Moon

Waxing First Quarter Moon


Decision making, building momentum and getting things moving.

Reflection prompt

Do any of my intentions need tweaking?

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon


Refinement, patience and trust in your intentions.

Reflection prompt

Am I finding anything difficult right now that could be stopping me in my journey?

full moon

Full Moon

Release and the sealing of intention.

Reflection prompt

What do I need to release? What is no longer serving me?

Waning Gibbous Moon

Waning Gibbous Moon


Gratitude and thanks for all the positives.

Reflection prompt

What conversations do I need to have to share my feelings and emotions?

Waning Last Quarter Moon (also known as Third Quarter Moon)

Waning Last Quarter Moon (also known as Third Quarter Moon)


Forgiveness and release. A time for completion. 

Reflection prompt

What do I need to release ready for the new lunar cycle?

Dark Moon/Waning Crescent Moon

Dark Moon/Waning Crescent Moon


Surrender - healing and closure.

Reflection prompt

How can I cleanse my mind, body and surroundings?

a blood moon

The Moon and the Stars (and more!)

Not only do we have lots of information about the moon phases but we also have some super info all about Super Moons, Void Moons, Black Moons, Blue Moons and Moonbows.

Throughout the calendar year there are many magical things happening in the sky. Meteor Showers and Eclipses are just an example. 

looking at the night sky with a meteor shower and stars

What is a Meteor Shower?

A meteor shower is caused as the Earth passes through debris left over from a passing comet. Most of this debris is no bigger than a grain of sand, but when this debris enters the atmosphere, it disintegrates leaving a display of bright trails in the sky.

a full moon eclipse


There are different types of eclipses for us to enjoy, a total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse, total lunar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse. An eclipse occurs when one celestial object passes into the shadow of another. 

Everything you need to know about the special Moons and celestial events are all in one place. Times and dates for each event are marked around the outer edge of the calendar and following the link below will go into more detail about what each event is and how it can affect us in our daily life. 

The Moon and The Zodiac

Within a lunar month (the time from one New Moon to the next) the Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs, staying in each one for around 2-2.5 days. 

It does not matter what your zodiac sign is, everyone is affected by both the New Moon and the Full Moon every month.

However, each sign of the zodiac has a differing influence, bringing with it different energies that emphasise different aspects of ourselves. Each of the twelve zodiac signs fall into four different elements, air, water, earth and fire and each of the signs are either a cardinal, fixed or mutable sign. 

Everyone has both a sun and moon sign, each sign making up the foundations of your personality. Follow the link to find out in more detail how the moon and the zodiac effects you, how it can help you with your New Moon intention setting and what it means when the Full Moon and New Moon is in each zodiac sign. 

Traditional Moons

Full Moons have been given different names by many cultures, including Native American tribes who used the phases of the moon to keep track of the seasons.

To mark the year and the special context of each, unique names were given to Full Moons to identify different months throughout the year, all of which also have relevance to the season they fall. Around the centre of the calendar you will find each of the traditional moon names and when each Full Moon is happening.

So if you want to know your Beaver Moon from your Buck Moon or your Strawberry Moon from your Hay Moon follow the link below to find out about each Full Moon, what they are called, where their names derive from and when they occur!

Pagan Wheel Of The Year & Feast Names

Not only does the Moon Calendar mark each moon phase throughout the year it also includes the Pagan Wheel of The Year around the centre. 

There are eight Pagan/Wiccan holidays known as Sabbats - celebrated around the world. 

They are seasonal celebrations representing the cycle of birth, death and rebirth whilst also being based on the Earth’s rotations and seasonal markers. 

The Pagan seasonal cycle is known as the Wheel of the Year celebrating nature’s life cycles.

The Sabbats are split into two categories, four ‘Greater Sabbats’ which are known as ‘Earth Festivals’ or ‘Moon Sabbats’ - Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. 

Then four ‘Lesser Sabbats’, the points in the solar calendar that represent the beginning of each season - Spring and Autumn Equinox and Summer and Winter Solstice. 

Just as there are no beginnings or endings in nature, the wheel is cyclical and never stops turning. 

The themes of the Sabbats have many similarities to other religious celebrations and seasonal festivals. The reason for this is that Paganism predates many religions and influenced their development. 

The eight Sabbats are roughly spaced out every 7-8 weeks across the year. 

Hit the link to find out in more detail how the Wheel of the Year works, what it means and where to find it on your calendar.

Lunar Planting

For thousands of years people all over the world have attuned their crop to the cycles of the moon. You can use this ancient wisdom to harness the power of the Moon in your garden, increase germination and yield and live in harmony with natural systems.

The four main moon phases are used for basic lunar planting, the New moon, First Quarter Moon phase, the Full Moon and the Last Quarter Moon phase. The time between the New Moon and the Full Moon when the moon is in it’s waxing phase is the time to plant seeds that yield fruit above the ground.

The time when the moon is waning (between the Full Moon and the next New Moon) is the optimum time to plant rooting crops with edible roots below the soil This is also the best time to harvest crops. No planting should be done during the Last Quarter Moon to the New Moon. This time should be spent killing weeds, making compost and preparing your garden for the new cycle beginning. 

You can not only find all the optimum planting dates around the Moon Calendar but also my Lunar Planting Guide artwork makes it easy to see which plants are best to grow during the different phases of the moon cycle. All you need to know to use this is the phase that the moon is currently in (found on my Moon Calendar!)

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