Poster Hanger (For the Moon Calendar)

Instantly hang your artwork as soon as it arrives at your home.

Choose from Magnetic Hangers (re-usable) or Stick-On Hangers (single use).

Magnetic Hangers are handmade in the UK, re-usable and crafted from Oak lovingly stained with a top quality finish. Two frame bars clamp on at the top and the bottom of the print with a strong magnetic strip, easily swapped with each new edition. 

Stick-On Hangers are our low-cost option, perfect for gifting. One baton of wood sticks directly to the top and bottom with adhesive tape. Pine wood, left untreated to paint or stain should you wish. 

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Wooden poster hanger handmade in the UK, custom designed for the Moon Calendar.

Designed for the top and bottom of the artwork, our stick-on version is complete with adhesive strips for attaching directly to the Moon Calendar. Single use only, great for gifting.

The magnetic version is handcrafted from sustainably sourced English Oak. A premium product designed to last as it is interchangeable with each new Moon Calendar edition.

You are Nature. Modern life may have taught this out of you at some point but you know deep down that there’s something magical and powerful going on inside of you.

Perhaps you’ve always felt this but never really listened until something woke you up? Something painful or transformative that made you reassess, that made you want to step up and take control of your life, to be your best self, to live a life of joy and on your own terms.

And you realised it’s hard and that you may need some help to overcome your blocks, to overcome any resistance and to allow yourself to grow and be happy.

And what helped you? Something bigger than yourself. Something that fills you with awe and reverence and love and belonging.

Something big. The same something that lights up the stars, that made all the planets and made all their Moons. The same something that makes all life possible and created every atom in your body.

And guess what? That something big and you are entirely the same thing.

You are a way for the universe to know itself - so you’d best get learning how to be your best self!

Whatever it is that woke you up, no matter how painful it may have been, I’m glad you learned from it and I’m glad that you’re here. You're on the right path so just keep going.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to Attune To The Moon and set yourself free.


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Poster Hanger (For the Moon Calendar)

Regular price $16.00
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moon book on how to attune to the moon with candles flowers and a sheep's skull

Lunar Living

The Moon is the Earth’s closest satellite object and ally, a magnificent spectacle serving as a great reminder to the wonder and beauty of our very existence.

In essence, “cyclical living” is paying attention to the Moon’s phases by aligning your own objectives to harmonise with the Moon’s natural pattern.

“Natural cycles like the menstrual cycle, moon phases and seasons are the ancient blueprints for your body and soul providing the map for your divine timing and success”

Merilyn Keskula-Drummond, Author “MOON POWER’

Learn more about how you can ATTUNE TO THE MOON by living a balanced life in sync with nature's rhythmic pattern.

About Me

Hi, my name's Hayley and I'm a watercolour and calligraphy artist based in Cornwall, UK. I have a BA Honours degree in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent University (from about 100 years ago)​. I live with my partner Matt, our two little girls and our sofa hogging dog, Lola. Our main family business is Sunset Tipis and I create my Moon Calendars during the quieter winter months.


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