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Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Super Full Moon in Capricorn

On Wednesday (13th July) we will welcome the second Super Full Moon of the year, this time in Capricorn. Here’s everything you need to know…

What is A Super Moon?

A Super Moon is when a Full Moon is at its closest point to earth, it will appear slightly bigger and brighter than a regular Full Moon and this Supermoon is the closest one of the year!

The energy at a Super Moon is always high and the effects are felt much more powerfully.

Buck Moon or Hay Moon?

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is known as the Buck Moon deriving from male deer shedding their antlers and it’s also called the Hay Moon, named after the July hay harvest period.

This mid-point of the year is a good time to be reflecting and looking forward, planning for the second half of the year. The Capricorn Full Moon encourages us to focus on our ambitions and dreams.

It is the perfect Full Moon for completion and refocus. It encourages us to reflect on areas in our lives that are holding us back from being the very best version of ourselves and be brave, releasing things that no longer serve us. Out with the old and in with the new!

It is an emotional Full Moon, a time to dig deep and analyse your feelings and emotions to better understand them. It is a time to be reflective and honest with yourself. Focus on your emotions and energy – what are your emotions telling you and guiding you towards?

What causes you to feel a lack of energy?

What gives you energy?

Make a list of both & focus on how to avoid the negative and embrace the positive. You will begin to feel much more energetic and organised with your life as a result.


The Capricorn Full Moon can be quite intense, so it is important that you are not too hard on yourself and don’t only focus on the negative. With the sun being in nurturing Cancer, make time to give gratitude to all that is going well and all you appreciate in life.

This Full Moon has a focus on longevity, perseverance, and patience. Think about what you are wanting to achieve long term but keep reminding yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

How can I honour the Full Moon in Capricorn?

As we have already mentioned this Full Moon is a time for completion but also a time to be reflective, patient, and grounded as you look forward and make new plans. As it is a Super Moon the energy is amplified, and you will feel the effects strongly.

Now is the time to begin to think about how you are going to honour this spectacular Super Moon.


Capricorn rules the skin and teeth, so now is the time when you could book yourself in for a dental check-up or treat yourself to some new skin care products.

Be kind to yourself and indulge in a lovely hot bubble bath and let the steam do its work on your skin. Create a calming space

Finding a time to sit outdoors under the Full Moon is a perfect way to honour this Super Moon. Find a quiet space to reflect without any distractions. Simply tune into the sounds of nature or turn on some relaxing music. This will help to release any stresses your body may be feeling.

Once this calming space is created give yourself time to sit or lay back, relax and enjoy it. Tune into your inner emotions and feelings. And if you can, get outside and simply moon bathe to relax under the glorious energies of the Super Moon.

Use the power of the Super Moonlight

On the night of the Full Moon, lay out your crystals to charge them. Suggested crystals to honour this Supermoon are:

Red Garnet - for confidence to pursue your goals

Howlite - encouraging reflection, concentration, and persistence and

Merlinite to help keep you grounded.

A Full Moon is also the perfect time to make moon water (simply place a jar of water under the moonlight overnight to be charged by its energies). You can do lots of things with your moon water, from drinking it, bathing in it or simply using it to water your plants with.

Grounding & Planting

As Capricorn is an earth sign now is the perfect time to get outside and start planting something beautiful. You can watch it grow and flourish over time and reflect on your new intentions as they are growing and flourishing too.

It is the ideal time to get grounded and back to nature, visit the woods and explore the trees. Something wonderful has been created over time, with this in mind reflect upon your long-term intentions and think 'perseverance and patience'.

Journal & Reflection

Journal with a focus on your emotions, think about what they are telling you and guiding you towards. As we have already said, focus on both what drains your energy and what gives you energy and embrace the positive.

Get Organised!

This is the perfect time to release what is no longer serving you both materialistically and emotionally. A new half of the year, a fresh start. Make some time to get organised, empty your wardrobe or sort your kitchen cupboards. Plan ahead, revisit and review your intentions both for the long and short term. Rewrite them so they are clear in your mind. An organised mind is a happy mind.

What else is happening during this lunar cycle?

June has been another busy month in the lunar cycle, seeing our first Super Moon of the year and welcoming Summer Solstice.

On the 23rd July we will see the sun moving into Leo and Leo season will begin. At the very end of the month, we will see the lunar cycle start again with a beautiful New Moon in Leo beginning on 28th July.

We also have the Delta Aquarids meteor shower happening on the night of the 28th too. We have one more Super Moon to look forward to this year arriving on 12th August when we welcome the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Watch out for upcoming posts with more info about all this coming soon.

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