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Sun, Moon and Rising signs

Sun, Moon and Rising signs

It can be super interesting but sometimes overwhelming to try and decipher your birth chart and what everything means. But don’t worry, we are here to help!

Let’s start with some key placements -  your sun, moon and rising sign. Our resident Astrologer Charlotte has put together a mini guide below.

But first, a little bit of background to keep you in the loop:

Moon Phase Studios Creator Hayley and Moonologer Charlotte and met through good ole’ Instagram back in 2021. After Charlotte gave some social media love to one of Hayley’s beautiful moon calendars, they started chatting and a cosmic connection was born! 

Charlotte has been diligently writing for Moon Phase Studios new moon newsletters for the last few years and recently infused the 13 Moon Journal with some of her lunar magic. Certifying as an Astrologer, she has undertaken in depth training in the ancient craft of Hellenistic (ancient Astrology) which she continues to explore.

Charlotte’s passion for the cosmos and Hayley’s astro artistry make them a duo dedicated to illuminating the language of the skies for star lovers everywhere.

Hayley and Charlotte

Here’s a little guide to what your sun, moon and rising sign symbolise in astrology. *

You will notice we have included reference to ancient astrology symbolism here to provide a well-rounded take on each of the key elements. (As you work with the craft of astrology you will get a feel of what resonates for you).

Sun Sign (aka star sign):

Many people are familiar with their sun sign. Your sun sign represents where the sun was situated in the heavens when you were born. In modern astrology this can symbolise your life purpose and your true essence. In ancient astrology the sun can be viewed more as a plotline of your life and what you are driven towards.

Moon Sign:

Your moon sign tells us where the moon was when you were born. The moon can signify your emotional needs, your intuition, or as in ancient astrology, the environment or the stage to which your life is set against.

Rising Sign or Ascendant:

Your rising sign tells us the name of the constellation that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. In modern astrology this sign is thought of as ‘your social mask’ or how others perceive you. However, ancient astrologers placed more emphasis here, regarding this as a vital sense of your character and identity.

*These definitions are not exhaustive though, you may hear people describe them differently! Astrology is a divinatory practice, full of nuances. Part of understanding this ancient craft is being able to read the placements of natal planets and how they are impacted by transiting planets, resulting in the meanings shifting and moving as we go through life. In Charlotte’s words - it’s like a beautiful but complicated moving jigsaw!

If you’d like to find out more about your own birth chart but need someone to guide you through it, you can book an online Birth Chart Explore Session with Charlotte at Cosmically Conscious. You can check out Charlotte's website here.


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