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Full Moon June 2022 In Sagittarius

Super Strawberry Moon Insights

We see the Full Moon in Sagittarius arriving on Tuesday (14th June). This Full Moon is also known as the ‘Strawberry Moon’ and is the last Full Moon before Summer Solstice when we move into the second half of the calendar year. A time to look forward to the next six months and think about what you wish to achieve. Time to plan some new adventures! 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will help you to complete and finalise things before moving on. This Full Moon is a time to check in with your intentions and identify anything that is blocking your way to achieving them. The fiery energies of Sagittarius will help you with completion, release anything that is no longer serving you and to make way for new beginnings.

Gemini Star Sign

As the sun is still in Gemini for this Full Moon you will also feel the Gemini energy pushing through, helping you to make changes through questioning and reflecting.

The ruthless, honest energy of Sagittarius alongside the emotional airy Gemini this Full Moon will help pave the way forward and enable you to clearly see the direction you want to be heading. 

This is a good time to set your intentions for the second half of the year, what adventures do you wish to pursue? Now is a time to make things happen. 

You also need to make time to step back and reflect upon all the things you have achieved so far this year. Looking back at your previous New Moon intentions you will be surprised at everything you have achieved no matter how small!

What is a Super Moon?

This cycle is special as not only is it the final Full Moon before the Summer Solstice, it's also a Super Moon - the first Super Moon of the year in fact. A Super Moon is when the Moon's orbit comes closest to the Earth and the Moon is full.

It will appear slightly bigger and brighter than a regular Full Moon. The energy at a Super Moon is always high and the effects are felt much more powerfully. Now is the time to begin to think about how you are going to honour this spectacular Super Moon. 

How can I honour this Super Full Moon?

This Full Moon is a time for completion and release. Reflect on whatever may have been holding you back and release it, freeing up room for setting new intentions and planning new adventures. As it is a Super Moon the energy is amplified, and you will feel the effects strongly. 

Create a calming space

Finding a time to sit outdoors under the Full Moon is a perfect way to honour this Super Moon. Finding a quiet space to reflect without any distractions is perfect. Simply tune into the sounds of nature or turn on some relaxing music. This will help to release any stresses your body may be feeling.

As Sagittarius is a fire sign lighting candles or burning incense is also a good idea. Once this calming space is created give yourself time to sit or lay back, relax and enjoy it.

Tune into your inner emotions and feelings. Let whatever needs to come up, to come up. Notice it, don't fixate on it. Ask yourself if it serves you or hinders you and make a note to let go of the things that are holding you back - write them down for use in a moment.

Use the power of the Super Moon light

Lay out your crystals, stones or jar of water to charge them in the Strawberry super moonlight. If outdoors do take care not to let them get wet as some crystals need to be kept dry.  Suggested crystals to honour this Full Moon are Chrysocolla for freedom and release, Clear Quartz for clarity and optimism and Aventurine for seeking new adventure. Be sure to charge your crystals on the night of the Full Moon. 

Once you have created your calming space you can simply moon bathe and relax under the glorious energies of the Super Moon. 

Release your negative energy and stresses

Now is the time to slow down. Really tune into your breathing techniques and feel any stress or negativity float away. Take time to sit and listen…listen to the world around you, the wonderful sounds of nature. 

At a time of completion, and to help you to release things that no longer serve you, write down what you feel you need to release. Read your list out loud and then burn them under the Full Moon.

Set Positive Affirmations

Now is a time of moving forward, think of a question that inspires you to change something in your life then respond to the question with a positive affirmation. Under the Full Moon repeat your affirmations. Write them down or record them as a voice note on your phone and read or play them back every morning for the next two weeks.

What else is happening during this lunar cycle? 

I think it is safe to say that we were glad to see the back of Mercury Retrograde at the beginning of the month! We will see the sun moving into Cancer on 21st June and Summer Solstice begin.

Summer Solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point, it signifies the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the very end of the month we will see the lunar cycle begin again with a beautiful new moon in Cancer beginning on 29th June.

Watch out for upcoming posts with more Lunar Living insights soon. 


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